Saturday, November 20, 2010

So far, so far

It turns out he hadn't gone off looking for a way to turn that $20 in his pocket into beer after all. He was walking around outside thinking about what I had said - in particular about the ultimatum I had given him; get straight or get out. He came in and asked if it was OK to be inside. I said yes, as long as he hasn't been drinking - he hadn't. He still doesn't quite grasp how totally appalled I was by this latest betrayal, and how it left me sick inside - I don't want him touching me, even non-sexually, because it makes me feel ill with regret for the loss of trust. However, he is giving me room to recover, and I am giving him time to prove himself. As long as he continues to behave I will give him all the help and support I can, but I made it very clear - this is the LAST last chance. One beer and it's all over - no more please, no more I'm sorry, no more it won't happen again.

So now I am attempting to rearrange everything (again!) to allow a path to remove the old stove and bring in the new one from the garage. We had bought the new one for the upstairs residence that never got built, like the cabinets. The old stove is the one we had bought over ten years ago in the old house. It still works for the most part, but I had trouble with the oven the other day. When set for under 350 degrees it doesn't seem to work properly, and with Thanksgiving and then baking season coming I need a reliable oven that can function at any temperature I need. So out with the old, in with the new. Chances are the oven is an easy fix - the thermostat replaced or some such - but I just don't have time to fiddle with it right now. The old one will get a good steam cleaning and get stored in the garage until I have time to tinker with it. If it can be fixed I'll put it in one of the two efficiencies and the antique currently in that room will go up for grabs in Freecycle.

In the meantime all the stuff I had taken out of the kitchen so I could re-do the floor is all over the front room in the way of progress, so I have to lug a chunk of it back into the kitchen to make a path. After the big switcheroo I get to lug it all back into the front so I can finally do the floor <sigh>

Oh well, at least I see some progress - the floor is a lot cleaner, and I'm starting to get an idea of how to rearrange all the cabinets, the freezer, the china hutch etc to make a functional kitchen. Thank goodness I have all winter - I may need it!

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