Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving.... well sorta anyway

My old range oven decided to crap out just in time for Turkey day....
Happily I think it will be a relatively easy fix - a new thermostat most likely - but the placard with the model info fell off during the move so I have to call the plumber in to look at it, order the replacement and install it - more $$$ I'd have preferred not to spend. Oh well.

I had the range originally meant for the residence sitting in the garage, and went through all the *&^%$ effort to unhook the old and drag it out side and bring in the new....only to find it was factory set for natural gas, and I can't decipher the instructions to switch it over to LP. <sigh>

So my old fave now sits outside covered in a tarp, awaiting the ministrations of the plumber while the new Tappan sits in the middle of the kitchen, useless. I'll have to drag it back to the garage once the weather clears. I will have the plumber do the switcheroo on the gas type while he is at it so we can install it in the room T will be moving into - he deserves a good stove, and I like my old Magic Chef goldurnit!

Anyway, for Tday W had an English muffin and I had leftover Zatarain's Dirty Rice warmed in the nuker - and I'm going to bed early. Didn't get a lot of sleep last night due to a phone call about 11:30. It was just a fishing expedition for room prices which came to nothing, but it woke me up about an hour after I had fallen asleep. I wound up awake until 3 after that, partly due to stress, partly to W being an idiot. First he wouldn't keep his hands to himself while I was trying to get back sleep - I compared him to Boris the Spider - and then he wouldn't STFU. Too many sleepless nights are brought about by him getting diarrhea of the mouth at the darkest part of the night :-(

I'm so tired!

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