Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Second Thanksgiving

Last Monday evening we finished off the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers, but with a brand new sense of counting blessings.  We had made plans for a trip to the nearest hardware store to pick up a few items followed by a visit to a friend who has a small couch she wants to get rid of that might be useful.  Because of that detail we were in the Ford Ranger pickup instead of my Sonata when we hit a patch of ice.

By the time the world stopped spinning our truck was totaled, another truck was damaged, the axle had been ripped from under the U-Haul trailer the truck had been towing, and both of us and the driver of the other truck were loaded into two ambulances to be checked over.

Amazingly all we suffered were minor bruises, facial abrasions from the airbags, soreness from the seat-belts we both were wearing and a bad case of the shakes.  The other driver was a bit more banged up, according to the EMTs at the scene, but will make a full recovery.

Thank goodness for those airbags and seat-belts.

The merry-go-round started at 3:30 PM - we were finally cut loose from the ER at 9PM.  Being suddenly pedestrians we called a friend to come fetch us home - 15 miles is too much of a hike on a 20 degree snowy night for two banged up survivors of a major wreck, especially since hubby can barely walk across the driveway these days.

I spent a chunk of today dealing with the aftermath. First we went to the yard where the truck was towed to retrieve all our stuff, then treated ourselves to breakfast at the Phoenicia diner. Then we filled the prescriptions for the weeks worth of pain meds and went home. I spent quite a while on the phone with my insurance company - they were great! We didn't have collision on the 10 year old truck, so that was a total loss, however all our medical bills and the cost of repair or replacement of the other vehicle will be covered.

Another thing to be grateful for - since I made him sign that slip of paper W has been good - no drinking. I know he still thinks about it, and as his strength improves it will get harder to resist temptation, so the time of trial is really still ahead. However, at least for the moment, he is keeping his word.

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